21-22 fevrier 2013 – 16th Annual IBA International Arbitration Day – Making the award: Need we rethink the process?


The manner in which the Arbitral Tribunal deliberates and prepares its award has so far drawn little attention. This conference will focus on topics including:

  • How and to what extent arbitrators should express reasons in their awards
  • When a dissent is justified and how dissents may affect enforcement
  • Whether arbitrators take too long to render awards and the manner in which the deliberation process can be streamlined
  • To what extent bifurcation results in tribunals readdressing issues thought resolved
  • The role of arbitral secretaries in the making of the award
  • To what extent the considerations that bear upon these issues differ as between commercial and investment cases
  • Whether and to what extent arbitrators should make compromises to reach unanimity

The questions raised by this conference arise in almost every arbitration, but they are rarely addressed in international arbitration conferences. It is time to re-examine our assumptions about the making of the award.

Who should attend?

Arbitrators, litigators, judges, government officials and all those involved in dispute resolution.