As commerce continues to become ever more international, the business community is increasingly turning to arbitration as an efficient alternative to traditional litigation. Paris Arbitration association was created with a sole objective: the promotion of Paris as the world’s leading site for international arbitration.


Members of our association participate in conferences and organize events in France and elsewhere in order to spread the word about the French understanding of and approach to international arbitration and to inform people of the advantages Paris has to offer as a seat for arbitrations.


The association has one driving principle guiding the action of all of our members, the promotion of arbitration in Paris in line with our core values:

  • Expertise

    Paris, the Home of International Arbitration was founded by arbitration specialists. Recognized experts in their fields, each of our members contributes years of experience and know-how.

  • Multiculturalism

    The association’s membership reflects the cultural diversity of the multitude of nationalities gathered together in the Paris’s significant and welcoming arbitration community. A spirit of being open to the world is deeply ingrained in our community and in our association.

  • Engagement

    More than just members, the people who make up the association are specialists who are up to date on the most recent developments in arbitration. They have a common desire to share their knowledge and to help inform others as to why Paris is the leading centre for international arbitration.

  • Neutrality

    Paris, the Home of International Arbitration is not an arbitration institute and does not make any appointments. It does not itself serve as an institution hosting or administering arbitral proceedings. Moreover, our association is not intended as a marketing tool for Parisian lawyers and law firms, but rather only to provide a resource for parties interested in selecting a seat for their arbitration or needing assistance in organizing a hearing in Paris.


Our non-profit partners are institutions that are particularly implicated in French law and in international dispute resolution. Each of them adds, through their efforts, to the success of Paris as the leading venue for international arbitration. We thank them for their support for the work of our association.