Arbitral institution

Organisation that manages arbitral procedures, generally taking place under the arbitration rules it issues. Among the leading international arbitral institutions are the ICC, AAA (and its international arm, the ICDR), CIETAC, HKIAC, DFIAC, LCIA, SIAC, SCC, and Swiss Chambers. Some institutions have adopted the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, whereas most have developed their own rules. The institution’s role is more or less extensive depending on its arbitration rules, but in no event does it have a jurisdictional function. The jurisdictional function of deciding on the merits of a dispute resides with the arbitral tribunal. In addition to the issuance of arbitration rules, the arbitral institution’s role consists mainly in assisting the parties in resolving certain procedural difficulties, such as the constitution of the arbitral tribunal, and in supervising the proper conduct of the arbitration proceedings.