5 reasons why you should choose Paris:

Established expertise and innovative role

By choosing Paris as the seat for your arbitration, you will benefit first and foremost from the arbitral experience that the city can offer. French law has long been at the forefront of the development of international arbitration. Choosing Paris provides the benefit of French arbitration law and access to French courts that have, for over 50 years, given their unfailing support to international arbitration.

With an updated legal framework for arbitration in place since January 2011, France has confirmed its leadership as an arbitration-friendly forum. The new law builds on the law in place since 1981, which was already more progressive than subsequent arbitration legislation in most other countries, and on the hundreds of decisions rendered by the Paris Court of Appeal and the French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation) on international arbitration that have been published and commented since that time. Courts and arbitration laws in many other countries have followed the French courts and have adopted principles similar to those established in France.

Polyglot, multicultural and integrated specialists

Paris is home to a multinational community of hundreds of legal professionals dedicated to the practice of international arbitration (attorneys, arbitrators, experts, interpreters, court reporters, etc.). Many of these polyglot specialists are internationally recognized leaders in the field of arbitration, and they include members of the world’s leading arbitration law firms as well as leading academics. They come from a variety of legal backgrounds and have wide experience in appearing before arbitral tribunals. Their knowledge of different legal systems and their in-depth understanding of technical issues and diverse industries will guarantee you perfectly-tailored assistance that takes into account the business, political and social context from which your dispute emerges.

All the logistic and arbitral facilities

With the existence of a longstanding and very active international legal community, Paris is one of the world’s best-equipped capital cities to host international arbitrations. Seat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration since 1923, Paris is host not only to many of the major arbitral institutions, but also to many first-class conference facilities at which hearings can be held, including a dedicated arbitration hearing centre. The French capital, a major hub providing excellent air travel connections with all continents, has two international airports that are particularly well connected with the city. An additional advantage of Paris is the convenient accommodation facilities that it offers. Paris has one of the largest selections of hotels worldwide. With approximately 75,000 rooms in some 2,000 hotels it offers accommodation suited to everyone’s expectations and standards across all price ranges.

A solid tradition of judicial support for the arbitral process

Paris offers highly qualified, specialized local courts and an arbitration-friendly legal environment necessary for an impartial, efficient and successful arbitral process. French courts are prohibited from intervening in any dispute where an arbitration clause may apply. Arbitrators have priority to decide on their own jurisdiction. Accordingly, French courts do not interfere before or during the proceedings. In the event an award is challenged, French courts will not review the merits of the case. They will limit themselves to verifying the existence of a valid arbitration agreement and ensuring that the arbitral proceedings complied with principles of due process.

Costs of arbitrations seated in Paris are below the European average

The cost of an arbitral process in Paris is noticeably below the European average. The costs of your stay in Paris are particularly advantageous. Furthermore, you will notice the obviously competitive fees offered by your service providers and counsel. Should any additional expenses and costs arise by reason of court involvement (e.g. interim measures, annulment of arbitral award), you will see that the French courts are faster and less-expensive than most other state courts. Finally, a specialized and experienced section in the Paris Court of Appeal deals expeditiously with all proceedings relating to international arbitration, avoiding lengthy hearings that can increase the cost of arbitration. You’ll have no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs!


Our association offers you all the practical information you need to help organize your arbitration in Paris. You will find on our site lists of various actors in the arbitration community – interpreters, court reporters, hearing locations and main arbitration institutions.

Paris, the Home of International Arbitration is pleased to provide lists of individuals and companies providing support services for arbitrations seated in Paris. We do so for your convenience and as a service to the arbitration community. We cannot, however, guarantee the quality of any particular service provider. We recommend that you ask for third party references where appropriate.

Logistical support

Paris, the Home of International Arbitration has prepared lists of practical information that will help you organize your arbitration in Paris. You will find not only basic information about how to get to and around Paris, but also hotels prepared to welcome groups coming to Paris for arbitrations.

Studying arbitration

Several universities in the Paris area provide courses and degrees specialized in international arbitration.


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