Mission of Paris, Place d’Arbitrage

The not-for-profit Association Paris, Place d’Arbitrage was created by different actors in the arbitration community in March 2009 with a sole objective: the promotion of Paris as the world’s leading site for international arbitration.


A single mission: to promote Paris as a key location in the contemporary world of domestic and international arbitration. The Association is not-for-profit and aims to highlight the indisputable qualities of French arbitration law, as revealed both in the theoretical studies carried out and in the practice of the courts.

Paris, Place d’Arbitrage provides practitioners, professionals and students with practical tools for learning more about the world of arbitration.



Conferences, meetings, publications, debates… There’s no shortage of activities organized by Paris, Place d’Arbitrage ! The Association organizes events and conferences in France and abroad to raise awareness and share French international arbitration practice, and to promote the advantages that Paris offers as a seat of international arbitration. Paris, Place d’Arbitrage enables you to keep abreast of important events in the marketplace, whether in a formal or convivial setting, remotely or face-to-face.

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The mission of Paris, Place d’Arbitrage is to unite and transcend all those involved in arbitration in Paris and France. Our aim is to highlight Paris as a major center for international arbitration, and to enhance its image in France and worldwide.


Paris, Place d’Arbitrage boasts in-depth knowledge of the field of arbitration, in particular through its members, founding members and others, who are all recognized experts in the field. At conferences and events organized by the Association, you can benefit from the insights and experience of leading specialists in domestic and international arbitration.

Paris, Place d’Arbitrage remains a not-for-profit Association, however, and does not provide expert appraisals or advice in arbitration proceedings in its own name.


Paris, Place d’Arbitrage is dedicated solely to promoting Paris as a leading location in the world of international arbitration. The Association is not an arbitration institution and, as such, does not make any appointments. The Association does not host or administer arbitration proceedings.

The Association does not promote law firms, and is particularly neutral in this respect. It does, however, take part in promoting events that highlight and boost Paris as a key location for international arbitration.